You probably have heard the term SEO when it comes to websites and Digital marketing without maybe really understanding what it is.

Well you are probably one of the 638,500 Irish people who search the web each day and belong to half of that number that use daily search engines websites such as google

So what are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization?

Lead Generator

Without going to technical into this, what SEO is all about is getting your website to appear as high as possible in the ranking with search engines such as Google or Bing, when customers search for a product or service entering particular key words.

So if you have a Coffee shop in Malahide and your customers think you serve the best coffee in North Dublin, with the right SEO strategy you would rank highly when consumers searched for this using keywords.

For this Dublin coffee shop to rank highly they would need to prove to Google for example that they are seen as the “authority” for something like good coffee.

Google give great weight to companies that their customers are willing to write a review about them in places such as blogs, websites or listing sites. Google will give your company a ranking based on this for organic search. To simply put it, the more reviews and mentions that a company gets the higher they will appear for non paid search.

Customers give a lot of weighting to organic high ranking results and rarely search past the first page, so it is important that your business appears on page one.

Once you get prospects clicking on to your website you have an opportunity to turn them into customers as they have actively searched for what you are offering.



Consumers have moved anyway from searching for businesses from phone books to placing their trust in search engines. So when a business is ranked higher than another on page one as opposed to page two, people feel that these are the ones that to trust the most. Also its important because people have a short attention span and not a lot of time to keep searching past page one. This helps develop your brand both from a credibility and recognition point of view, in turn will increase sales.

Business Traffic

SEO generates valuable and free traffic to websites. Retailers care about footfall even though they know everyone who goes into the shop will buy then and there, but have worked out a percentage that would, so more people that come in the more potential sales they get. The same with web traffic the more people who come to your website the better the rate of conversion for your business.

Also unlike retail people who visit your website have a reason to be there, instead of footfall for the wrong reasons to shelter from the rain!!!


As the traffic to the website has come from organic search methods as opposed to paid search search such as Play Per Click or sponsorship there is no advertising cost, just time and effort needed from the business.


SEO will help you get more potential customers for your business, increase web traffic to your website, help build your brand, provide you with customer insights and can be used instead of a spending money on online advertising.

Instead there is work that needs to happen to make this success and this is where we can help your company build a successful SEO strategy.

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