Elevate Your Business with a Bespoke Website

We will create a website that shows who you are and, more importantly, sells!

Your new and improved website will be found, create a lasting impression, and communicate and sell your products or services!

Say clearly what you do & what's in it for people

Sell more by making it easy for people to buy from you

Your website will fit today's needs



Optimised for google

Mobile Friendly

with advanced features made affordable!

Looking for more advanced functionalities? We’ve got you covered.

In addition to designing and building effective and reliable websites, we create custom features that take them to the next level!

All while striving for the best balance between budget and results.

Our process



We start by asking a lot of questions to establish your target market and your goals. This is also where we do SEO research and provide you with keyword suggestions to help rank on Google.
If needed, we can also help you find or design the perfect logo and imagery for your website
Logo & Branding



Once we establish your goals, we work with you to create a design plan for your website. Then we set up a basic landing page with your logo and contact details so that your clients
know your new website is coming!
A staging copy of your landing page is the start of your new website. You can view this staging copy at any time to keep up to date with our progress.


UI Design & Layout

With the design plan signed off, we design every page for the desktop with your colour scheme, graphics, text, and animations.
We use the latest technologies to ensure ease of navigation and the best possible user experience.


Site Structure & Build

Once every page layout is designed on a desktop, we make sure your website looks great across all mobile devices and browsers.
This is also when we add analytics, plug-ins (e.g. SEO, accessibility), and contact and newsletter forms to your website.


Pre Launch Testing

With your website complete, we do a final test to make sure its design and features are working across all devices and browsers. We keep accessibility in front of our minds during this step. Then you get the website to review before it goes live.

Maintenance & Marketing

After we launch your new website, we can take it one step further and update the rest of your digital marketing presence and collateral to match your new identity. Then it is all about keeping your website up-to-date and secure and running effective marketing campaigns across all platforms.

Dr. O’Dwyer

Dr O’Dwyer was looking to launch her new business. It was essential for us to clarify the difference between her job at Rotunda Hospital and this private endeavour. She shared with us a couple of brands for inspiration and had a few requirements. The brand had to be appealing to a female audience, clean, without a lot of white to avoid looking too clinical, and no dark colours or negativity.

We worked together to create a brand that matched the client’s requirements and appealed to her target audience. Then we created a logo and put it all together on her new website. We also helped her set up for success on social media, making sure her brand stayed consistent across channels.

A consistent bright and clean brand that builds trust with Dr. O’Dwyer’s prospective clients before they even get in touch with her!

Logo design and brandingQuote
Ivan created a website that captured the look and message I wanted. I was so happy with my experience working with Digitaliser.

Cloo Active

Louise Cooney already had a personal website but needed one to sell the products of her new activewear brand, Cloo.

We designed a Shopify website with all the e-commerce functionalities that a modern fashion brand needs, including gift cards and newsletter sign up forms. We were also there for the launch of Cloo, supporting them in making their new website and social media pages work together.

Great team, very helpful & professional. I would recommend them for building an e-commerce site like I have.

Cloo has a working website where they can sell their products. They are still going strong after one year in business!


Having just moved from a food truck to a restaurant, V-Face sought a website to get their word out there. They gave us great ideas for branding, user interface, and functionalities.

We worked together to bring all of their innovative ideas to life, which meant designing and developing a completely bespoke website!

Web design and development

I found Digitaliser to be a really great company to work with and would highly recommend them.

Now, V-Face has a website that stands out from the competition and appeals to its target audience. People can use it to book a table, order click and collect, or order delivery.

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