We have great news! Today we are launching Digitalising Emails, a free tool to help you conquer your business’s digital presence.

Searching for information online can be overwhelming. That is why we are taking it straight into your inbox. Get practical tips every month to slowly but surely improve your online presence.

When you sign up for Digitalising Emails, you get all of the following for free: website audit, checklist, and monthly emails straight to your inbox. We are doing this to both build and give back to our community.
Are you intrigued? Read on to know what each of those three features include!

Get a Free Website Audit to Know How to Improve

Before you can start to improve your website, you need to know where you are. Sometimes by taking a closer look at your website you realise that the website was not what needed to be improved after all! Either way, with our free website audit, you will know exactly what your next step will be.

Our free website audit includes:
1. Email with raw facts, including traffic, bounce rate, website speed, and SEO-focused metrics
2. Call with Ivan Archer, who will suggest next steps to improve your website and/or online presence

This is something we do for every client, and we are now offering it for free for two reasons: we want people to be educated about websites and how to improve them, and we want people to realise that focusing on their websites is not always the best digital marketing strategy.

There is no pressure to work with us after your free website audit. We will suggest what may be improved for maximum results on your free call and then it is up to you how you do that!

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Get a Free Checklist to Help You Get Online

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of things you could be doing online? If so, our free checklist is for you.

It gives you a minimal step-by-step roadmap to make decisions easier and allow you to focus on execution instead. Just start from the top and make your way through all the points listed.
In the future we will also create a blog post that details how to achieve each of the steps in the checklist. For now, you can book a free call with Ivan to get more insights into how to navigate your way through it instead!

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Get Free Monthly Emails to Digitalise Your Business

With your free website audit and checklist, you also get access to our free monthly emails! See them as inspiration sources. There is always something else you could be doing in digital marketing – our emails tell you what in a practical and digestible way!

Once a month you will get marketing information and tips straight to your inbox. These emails include a few timely words by Ivan Archer as well as highlights of the content we shared on social media and our website over the previous month.

Say goodbye to stagnation – say hello to innovation!

This is it. We have been focused on providing free value for our audience on social media over the past few months. This is the natural next step on that journey.

Do you want to subscribe to our Digitalising Emails? Do so below!