Why should your business have a Google My Business account to promote your business? As they say,

If your business isn’t online it doesn’t exist

This can be said for business owners who don’t have a Google My Business account. As we know thousands of people use Google as a search engine to look up a hairdresser nearby, locksmith or use for urgent searches. By your business not having a Google My Business presence this can hinder customers urgently accessing your business. Or at all finding you.

Google My Business Blog

There are many tools to market our business such as social media, PPC Google Ads, SEO on the website, however local search and directories can be overlooked when it comes to establishing your business online.

If you are new to Google My Business and never heard of this tool the image below can visually give a better explanation.

Anatomy of Google My Business

The Google My Business displays images, business overview/profile, location info, phone number, office hours (very important), quick links to website and customer reviews.

Top features Google My Business has to offer

  • By listing the business phone number customers can call urgently. Can be a way to gain leads quickly!
  • The 360 view. This is a fabulous if you are selling property, users can view the apartment or office space online like virtual reality!
  • Attributes – this is excellent for letting customers know your business can accept cash or card only. Also, this is an excellent feature to demonstrate the facilities your business can cater to customers such as disability services -wheelchair access.
  • Google My Business can be a platform to be used for sharing content, post news and offers. Create customer engagement and brand loyalty with reviews. This creates trust. In the image below you can see exciting ways how Google My Business can attract customers through Google search and through content engagement.
  • With Google My Business customers can book hotels, appointments which is fantastic for users who are always on the go! Book a large cooperate dinner by a click of a button!
  • What makes Google My Business impressive is the instant messenger feature and the platform works wonders on desktop, mobile and tablets.
Google My Business Offers Content
  • Google Maps – By having your business on Google Maps you are creating easy access for new discovering customers to find their way to your business. Service practitioners and local businesses should not miss out on this feature!
Google Maps

To wrap up! Google My Business can help you stand out from the crowd, engage with your customers and use insights, analytics to make decision and find new customers.

Three reasons to use GMB

In summary the stats below highlight how your business can be missing out on potential customers. Putting Google search into perspective!

Stats Google My Business

Not to forget Google My Business is quick and easy to set up and of course it is free of charge.

If you are interested in learning how Google My Business can benefit your business please contact us to find out more.