I feel it is essential for most businesses to have a website no matter what size, where they are based in, what their target market is. Many new businesses may wonder why they need a website at all with all the different social media options out there such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to use instead.

My view is that social media platforms are great tools to communicate with your prospects but the power of a website lies in the ability to sell to them, create compelling information about your product or service, answer customers queries and create a user centric experience for them.

Social media has a very important role and works together with a website to deliver traffic and short targeted messages to customers, they do different jobs and should have different messages that work seamless together to create awareness and generate leads. Social media enables customers to interact quickly with offers, send queries on customer services and generally contribute to the overall story. A website is your gateway to the world where you showcase your products and services, tell your story and build your brand.

Some advantages of having a website

1. Credibility

I have been working with websites and e-commerce for nearly 20 years and I have seen a lot of trends come and go and e-commerce become stronger and stronger as a sales channel Google has been around for over 21 years as a company and you probably have been using them to search for over 10 years or more.

We search everything from a fast food delivery to buying a house.

According to the CSO in 2018, 88% of individuals used the internet for finding information on goods and services.

What does this mean for your business? You need to be online or else you are missing out on potential sales.

2. Online “Shopping Around”

There was a time when a lot of people including me would go into three shops to compare products before the would make a purchase, today people “Shop around” online instead as it is so quick and simple, people need to optimise their time with their busy lives so everything with the simple click through allows people to spend more time to research what they are buying and do comprehensive comparisons where required.

3. Competition

Findings from CSO in 2018, found that 31% of small enterprises had e-Commerce sales which accounted for 24% of all sales in this size class.

So for a company not to have a website especially an ecommerce one will mean not only will they be missing out on potential sales, but if their competitors do have one the company will be at a major disadvantage. As they say first impressions last.

4. Leads

Websites are great places for your prospects to be able to contact you, having such invitations to contact such as phone numbers, contact us forms and online chat means that you have instance communication with them which in turn will help build your business and revenue.

Website help increase reach with customers which means that you are not restricted to geographical area, opening times to sell to your customers as websites never sleep!!!

5. Products and Services

Website is like having an infinite number of glossy brochures to market your products and services to your prospects with the added benefit of being able to use videos to demonstrate their benefits. But unlike a brochure the prospect has the option to purchase the product or service instantaneously.

6. Company Information

Websites are a great source of information for prospects to find out more about companies. Information such as how long has the business been operating, who’s involved in it, contact information and so on. They can also find reviews and testimonials on what others think about the business

This can help build up customers trust with the company and its brands.


Building a website and going online can seem to be stressful and difficult for some, but it does not have to be.

At Digitaliser, we promise you that we will listen to your needs, your customers requirements and that we will come up with a plan that will align with your marketing strategy and budget.

Please contact us to find out more.