Did you know your organisation may be eligible to receive up to €35,000 (matched funding) from Enterprise Ireland in financial supports to help maximise business development opportunities by leveraging digital marketing techniques?

The Digital Marketing Capability Support (formerly, the E-Marketing Improvement Assignment) grant is available to eligible companies to maximise their sales opportunities through developing their online capabilities.

The is designed to support your business to:

• Conduct a strategic review of your existing digital channels and develop your company’s future digital marketing strategy.
• Build your company’s knowledge of international best practice, the competitive landscape and effective tools and strategies to maximise growth opportunities through digital marketing.
• Embed effective digital marketing practices and skills in your company by developing your Senior Management team.

Digitaliser is proud to support clients in obtaining and benefiting from this valuable support through the Digitaliser Digital Growth Programme.
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Benefit from the experience and expertise of the Digitaliser Team to redefine your digital marketing strategy and help you drive success.


Audit and Review

Effective strategy begins with where you are today. We conduct an in-depth audit of your existing digital presence, your website user experience and online visibility.

Competitive Landscape & Brand Perception

Extensive research on the competitive landscape, your target audience and your brand perception.

Strategy for Success

We collaborate with your senior team members to build a digital marketing strategy that is designed to connect with new customers online and maximise growth opportunities.

Brand Story

We help you build your brand story, ensuring you reach and resonate with your target audience, deliver effective messaging and drive conversions.

Platform Optimisation

Identify the most effective and cost-effective digital channels that will maximise results for your organisation.

Content Marketing Roadmap

Strategic goals are translated into a detailed content roadmap, leveraging all the tools and techniques that will drive value for your business.


Our team will support your business through collaborative support, hands on training and mentoring throughout the process.

How do I get started?

The first step is to contact your Enterprise Ireland advisor to verify eligibility and we recommend taking a look at this brochure released by Enterprise Ireland to support the process.

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